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Whether your business is small, mid-sized or large, or operates in one or multiple locations, we have the network infrastructure, technology and expertise to customize a communications solution that support your organization’s unique business needs and goals.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A failed hard drive or natural disaster causing damage to facilities can result in a loss of data or prolonged network downtime. Contact RedRock today to learn more about how to protect your data.


Financial services and healthcare use our solutions
to meet or exceed state and federal IT management and security regulations.


We'll manage your network, so you can manage your business.

Better Call RedRock

Broken network? Security issue? Lost data?
Not really sure?
Call us, there's not much we haven't seen and fixed.


Red Rock Information Security was founded on the premise that most businesses have neither the time nor expertise to adequately secure critical data.

With increasing frequency, regulated industries are finding it difficult to keep up. Security must be a top-down concept where the organization integrates awareness at all levels and it becomes part of the fabric or culture.

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What Our Clients Say:

"By outsourcing our IT management, we have gained access to a skill base to guide our IT strategy that would have been impractical to build internally."

-Chip K., VP of Operations, Financial Institution