IT Audit/Network Security Assessment

RedRock has performed hundreds of Audits and Network Security Assessments (NSA).  Our proven, repeatable process allows us to offer competitive prices and a high-value engagement.  The NSA is a subset of an IT Audit.  Both are performed onsite and the table below is a summary of the scope of work:

Control Network Security Assessment Full IT Security Audit
Password Strength X X
Password Policy X X
Network Security X X
Patch Management X X
Internet / Perimeter Security X X
Virus Protection X X
Wireless Security X X
Physical Security X X
Logging, Auditing, Intrusion Detection X X
Authentication and Access Control X X
Platform Security X X
Network Architecture X X
Third Party Application Patches X X
Security Incident Response X X
Security Awareness X X
Internal / External Vulnerability Assessment X X
Next-Day Deliverables X  
Results in Electronic Format X  
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity   X
Data Backup System   X
Policies and Procedures   X
Board Awareness   X
Social Engineering   Optional
Risk Assessment   Optional
Data Classification   X
Encryption and Stored Data Security   Optional
Vendor Management   Optional