Secure Offsite Data Backup

RedRock Secure Offsite Data Backup removes tedious complexity from backing up data while reducing costs. Our fully managed solution will free up IT administrators to focus on business initiatives without the daily hassle of changing, cataloging, transporting and securing backup tapes.

The RedRock Secure Offsite Data Backup is;

Our offsite backup protects data with AES 256 bit encryption from the point of backup, transfer and storage. The system uses no removable media that can be lost, stolen or accidentally damaged

We eliminate the need for managing multiple backup vendors; software, tape changers, tapes, etc. Our solution is a fully integrated, proven technology we’ve used successfully for years. Costs are predictable and manageable.

The RedRock Secure Offsite Storage solution backups up and restores data at LAN speeds. Additionally, backups are compressed before encryption to ensure a small storage footprint.