More businesses today are taking advantage of cloud computing than ever before, but one thing isn’t certain; what type of cloud solution a business needs to be using. While there are public, private, and even hybrid cloud solutions, the private cloud stands out as an ideal solution for organizations that want optimal control over their data. How can your business benefit from leveraging a private cloud solution?

The private cloud, as we describe it, is an infrastructure that’s hosted in-house or remotely by a managed provider. This cloud system is managed and maintained by your own dedicated IT technicians, or if it’s hosted remotely, by RedRock Information Security’s trusted IT staff. The main reason a business would want to host their cloud solution in-house is that you get complete and total control over how you want to manage your data. The public cloud, on the other hand, is a more hands-off experience. You get the ease-of-use that your business deserves while the heavy lifting is done by the service provider. Despite this seemingly great benefit, some businesses find that they’d prefer to have more control over their data and its security; hence, they want to use a private cloud solution.

Here are a few ideas to consider before going all-in with a private cloud solution.

Are You Confident in Your Staff’s Abilities?
The integration and management of your cloud solution’s infrastructure, especially a privately hosted one, is knowledge-intensive. If you have dedicated IT personnel in your office, you’ll want to make sure that they’re trained on the proper maintenance and management that an in-house private cloud demands. If you don’t have the assets of an in-house IT department, you can still take advantage of a private cloud solution. RedRock Information Security can host and maintain your cloud solution for you. It’s one of the many benefits of working with a managed service provider for your company’s cloud needs.

Are You Dedicated to Data Security?
Data security is one of the biggest things that people want to get out of their cloud solution, and the private cloud is far more dynamic than the public cloud in this area. The main idea is to ensure that your cloud solution is protected by some sort of secondary security solution, like a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. Granted, the public cloud is relatively secure (although there are exceptions), but the private cloud allows you to put other measures into effect that can further enhance your data’s security.

Are You Focused on Data Control?
Data control is another pivotal part of choosing a cloud solution for your organization. Businesses who want complete and total control over their data, and are unwilling to budge on this issue, will want to utilize a private cloud. Since a private cloud is often hosted in-house, you know with certainty that your business is handling your data.

If you are on the fence about any of these three pain points revolving around a private cloud implementation, you should consider integrating a hybrid cloud solution that combines the ease of use of the public cloud with the security and control that a private cloud offers. As reported by Processor magazine, “It’s also safe to assume that hybrid cloud environments will advance as both private cloud infrastructure and public cloud offerings share the market.” This means that you can invest in the future by looking into a hybrid cloud solution.

Don’t be left behind by the ever-growing nature of today’s technology; instead, embrace it, and use the power of cloud computing to send your profits skyward. To get started with a cloud solution, give RedRock Information Security a call at (616) 534-1500.

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