Let me ask you: how confident are you that all of your data is in your control? How confident are you that you have access to it as you need it? How confident are you that it is properly secured, wherever it is being stored?

These are all important, arguably critical, questions to know the answer to. They are also all questions that are best answered by storing your data centrally.

Let’s explore why centralized data storage is so important for today’s businesses and their success.

First of All, What is Centralized Data Storage?

Centralized data storage is pretty much what it says on the box. Instead of keeping your business’ data spread out amongst disparate devices, it’s kept on a central, shared device. There are a lot of reasons that this is the better option, particularly where your business’ data continuity is concerned.

It’s Far Easier to Maintain Control Over Your Data

How much control do you have over your employees’ personal devices? If yours is like most businesses, very, very little. Therefore, any of your business’ data that makes its way to one of these personal devices is effectively lost to you. Using a centralized storage space that your team can remotely access if needed makes it far, far easier to keep track of your data.

You Can Ensure Your Data is Sufficiently Secured and Backed Up

On a related note, by ensuring all of your data is in a centralized location, it becomes far easier to put all the proper security in place to keep it safe. It also makes it easier to keep your data properly backed up, as again, it’s easier to keep track of it and protect it.

Everyone Who Needs Access to Certain Data Can Have It

Thirdly, by keeping all your data in a single, safe place (outside of your backups, of course), it is easier to properly manage your team’s ability to each access the data needed for their roles—and just as importantly, restrict team members from accessing the data they have no need for, following the principle of least privilege.

You Should Be Enforcing the Use of Centralized Storage Space

Long story short, centralized storage space is just the better option for businesses, particularly those that rely on collaboration. We can help you set up your business to utilize such a storage strategy. Give us a call at (616) 534-1500 to learn more.

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