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How We Seamlessly Took Over a Credit Union’s Technology Environment and Resolved MAJOR Vulnerabilities Fast

“It’s pretty amazing, considering all the things that had to happen!”

This is what a member of that credit union’s staff had to say after we took over their technology environment from their previous IT support provider, cleared up all of their major vulnerabilities, and made them secure and compliant – all within a short time frame with no stress or headaches.

We all know that maintaining cybersecurity and compliance is a necessary, yet challenging part of doing business for credit unions. And more importantly, finding an IT support provider you can trust to help you accomplish this can be even more challenging. When a credit union contacted us after an IT audit revealed a number of major vulnerabilities, we had to act fast.

After all, even the smallest oversight when it comes to compliance means you’re at risk for serious fines and legal liabilities. But the biggest hurdle for them? We had to transition their environment over to our team because their previous IT support provider clearly wasn’t up-to-par.

This kind of change is nerve-racking at best and risky at worst.

If you’ve ever changed IT support companies before, you know it’s nerve-racking at best and risky at worst. Let’s be real… An IT support company holds the “keys to the kingdom” and if the transition isn’t managed with care, things can quickly go awry with various aspects of the environment being held hostage…

  • Login credentials
  • Network documentation
  • Sensitive data
  • And more

This is particularly difficult when you’re dealing with a situation that involves an IT support company that wasn’t taking proper care of the environment. “We found that we were in woefully bad shape,” reports a member of that credit union’s staff.  “We weren’t getting what we thought we were getting, and we didn’t know that until we had auditors come in and show us things that were not getting done, which left us very vulnerable.”

Our onboarding process accounts for sticky situations like this.

RedRock Information Security is very familiar with the process of assisting organizations that are looking to transition their technology environment over from a previous IT support company. We not only resolved all of their major vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, but also transitioned their environment seamlessly to ensure all relevant login credentials, network documentation, sensitive data, and more were safe and secure.

Our four-step process allowed us to evaluate the state of the credit union’s technology environment and identify changes to make sure they were secure and compliant:

  • Discuss: As part of our early conversations with the credit union staff, we made sure they understood the organization’s goals, needs, and expectations.
  • Dig: After taking time to learn about the credit union, we assessed their IT – identifying strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Design: Utilizing this carefully gathered information, we developed a plan to secure the credit union’s systems and bring them in line with state and federal compliance standards.
  • Deliver: With the plan in place, we efficiently carried out necessary changes and quickly brought the credit union’s IT environment to a fully secure and compliant state.

“We were very vulnerable, which was very stressful, and RedRock was able to work so quickly and guide us in a really efficient manner to get everything that we needed up to where it needed to be,” reports a member of that credit union’s staff. “It’s pretty amazing, considering all the things that had to happen.”

Now they know they’ll pass an audit with flying colors!

This credit union now relies on our team for day-to-day IT support, as well as cybersecurity and compliance management. They are confident that auditors won’t find any vulnerabilities and that they can pass audits with flying colors.

What about your Michigan Credit Union?

Are you fully compliant? Do you know with complete certainty that all of your sensitive data is safe? Backed up? Tested on a regular basis? Look, we’re not saying you shouldn’t trust your current IT support company but we do think it’s important to follow up with them and ask them what they’re doing in this regard.

You don’t need a cybersecurity or compliance expert on staff and you don’t need to worry about switching IT support companies if they’re not handling this for you. We’ll make the transition smooth and seamless while ensuring you’re ready to pass an audit – anytime, any day. We know the financial sector inside and out.

There’s no need to navigate the requirements of your next state or federal exam on your own. Just…

  1. Book a meeting with our team of cybersecurity and compliance experts
  2. Find out whether or not you have any existing vulnerabilities that need to be resolved
  3. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your entire environment is ALWAYS secure

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