Ransomware is one of the more dangerous threats out there for businesses of all industries and sizes. To help emphasize just how dangerous it is, however, you have to look past the initial threat of having to pay a ransom and look at the other risks associated with it. We’re here to try to get the point across that ransomware is something your business should absolutely be taking seriously.

Ransomware Spreads Easily

There is a reason why ransomware is picking up in popularity, and it’s because it is a remarkably simple threat to spread. While it certainly spreads through the usual methods, like downloading infected files or clicking on suspicious links, ransomware is most effectively spread through the use of phishing attacks which trick users into falling for a trap. Whether it’s being fooled by a phony tech support email or being scammed through a social media message, you can bet that ransomware attacks will use phishing as one of their primary modes of distribution.

Restoring from a Backup is Not Enough

It never hurts to have data backups ready to go in the case of any security breach or attack, but it’s even more important in the case of ransomware as you often cannot get around the encryption on the system without them. Even if you do have a backup, however, there is always the threat that the hacker will steal your data or leak it online somewhere, creating additional problems. Simply put, restoring data from your backup might not be enough to solve all of your problems, and you should be aware of the fallout that could result from such a ransomware attack.

Ransomware Costs More Than Just the Ransom

Some individuals think that ransomware really only costs your business money in terms of the ransom, but the costs associated with ransomware are far more and far scarier than what you’ll pay the hackers for the safe return of your data. In reality, a ransomware attack is going to cause costly downtime—time that your business is not functioning as it should—and you could also be subject to compliance fines. Add in the cost of your data potentially being leaked online, and you have yourself a recipe for the downfall of your business, unless you play your cards right.

Obviously, ransomware is a scary thing to deal with, and not in the expected ways, but it’s fairly straightforward to protect against. And, thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone.

Don’t Let Ransomware Harm Your Business

If you want to ensure that ransomware doesn’t cause trouble for your company, then RedRock Information Security can help. We can equip your business with preventative security solutions, train your staff on how to identify potential threats, and back up your systems so that you’re not impacted drastically in the event of an attack. To learn more, reach out to us at (616) 534-1500.

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