Microsoft’s operating systems have been around for a long time, and since Windows 95, Microsoft has published free utilities that can help users make slight adjustments to their operating systems to suit their needs. Microsoft PowerToys are even available now, and we want to explore what they can do for your business, as well as how you can acquire them.

We’ll be delving into what PowerToys can do for users of Windows 10 and Windows 11 today.

What Can PowerToys Users Do?

This is only a small sampling of what PowerToys can do for you. We’ve curated this list for ones that you are most likely to use in a business setting.

Shortcut Guide

While this tool is activated, your Windows Key can be used to provide a list of available shortcuts. If you hold it down, native shortcuts in your active window will display. It’s a great way to see at a glance just what utility is at your fingertips.

Keyboard Manager

PowerToys also lets you adjust your own preferences, including how your device reads your keystrokes. You can replace some shortcuts with others, for example. Just keep in mind that you’ll need PowerToys to remain active in the background if you want your changes to stay applied.


FancyZones lets you keep your desktop and applications better organized, dividing your display into various zones that retain information on display configurations and other settings, allowing you to keep things consistent.

Text Extractor

PowerToys also lets you extract text from anywhere on your screen, including things from images, videos, and the like. It might not always be perfect, so it will need some oversight on your part, but it’s a nifty tool nonetheless.

Always On Top

You will always have applications which you would prefer to be on top of the stack, and this PowerToy allows you to make that happen easily. It will keep your specified window open above the others so it’s easy to get back to, as long as you have it activated. You can customize the shortcut for this feature and turn it on or off at will.

Discuss PowerToys with Your IT First

We know that it can be fun and exciting to play around with new features, especially if it’s your idea to make things better and more streamlined, but we always encourage you to consult your IT first before making any drastic changes to your operating system. PowerToys would have to be downloaded from the Internet, and as such, it could be subject to a threat of some sort. We recommend that only IT download or install any applications on your workplace devices, or an outsourced IT provider like us.

While security is one reason for this, the other is that you want to test any applications you want to install before you actually follow through on the installation to make sure that nothing breaks. There’s also the chance that you could be downloading malware or bootleg copies of the software, and no one wants to be caught with pirated software!

Plus, there’s always the possibility that you already have tools out there that accomplish the same task installed on your infrastructure, or there might be better alternatives to your proposed solution. IT can open your eyes to the possibilities while respecting your desire to make operations and processes better.

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